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How do I change birthday on Yahoo account and profile?

Update December 2009:: You can now change your birthday information at Yahoo. Apparently, this might still not be available if you haven’t answered the two security questions. Earlier, Yahoo wouldn’t even display the birthdate because it was used along with the country of residence and postal code to verify your identity when you’ve forgotten the Yahoo ID or have Yahoo email password issues.

As most of you would be aware, Yahoo had added a second security question some time back. All users were urged to protect their accounts, especially with rampant phishing scams, by creating one more security question.

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The option to change the birthday would be available after 35 days of answering both the security questions. Yahoo has made great efforts in making its users realize the importance of protecting their account login information – Yahoo Sign in seal, for instance – and I suppose this 35 day period is in place because of the same reason.

Birthday not shown on Yahoo account information page

Incorrect birthday on Yahoo? Here is how you can change it

To change your birthday information on a Yahoo account simply edit the profile – follow the steps below. These instructions have been worked out in the All-new Yahoo email interface via the Chrome web browser (Windows 7).

  • Login at your Yahoo email account.
  • Click on your name (to the right of the Yahoo! Mail logo) and select “Profile” from the menu.
    Load your Yahoo profile page
  • The Yahoo! Pulse service page is displayed. To change your birthday at Yahoo, click “Info” from the left panel.
    Edit the Yahoo Profile information to change your birthday
  • All the information in your profile is now shown segregated into categories.
  • Click the “Edit” button beside the Basics section heading.
  • Choose the correct month, date and year and hit the “Save” button which will change your birthday stored in Yahoo profile.
    Change your birthday in Yahoo profile

Yahoo support phone numbers – Yahoo Hotline – and links

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