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Windows operating systems for web hosting servers

Windows operating systems for web hosting servers

Microsoft offers the Windows 2000 Professional, Server and Advanced Server for web hosts. These come with the familiar Windows interface in which you can quickly and easily integrate Microsoft applications such as the famous web page editor FrontPage, databases such as MS SQL etc.

Over the years and with stiff competition, Microsoft has been able to resolve many problems such as security and stability that plagued the previous versions of its operating systems.

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All Windows Operating systems for web hosting servers support the ASP (Active Server Pages) technology, Cold Fusion (in which you can quickly develop database applications) and Visual basic scripts. You can remotely administer Windows based web servers through GUI software such as PCAnywhere that allow you to log in your server’s desktop. Unfortunately, there is no shell environment for managing and administering the Windows operating system.

Windows based servers are a good choice for both shared and dedicated servers and, now, with .NET technology, they can be managed much better.

Advantages of the Windows Operating system for web servers

The main advantage of the Windows operating system is the easy of integration of Microsoft products. Most web server requirements are built-in or come as separate software that can be installed fairly quickly and smoothly. There is also wide support available for this operating system.

Now the disadvantages

You should select Windows web hosting only if you have enough experience in maintaining Windows systems from a remote environment else it can be a very laborious and time intensive process. Windows operating systems also come at a price unlike certain free web server operating systems. This price includes a limited number of user licenses and if you need to connect more desktops to the server, you would need to purchase additional licenses.

Remember, running a Windows Operating system on a web server is not as easy as running it on a desktop.

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