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I use a Windows Vista laptop and want Outlook Express. But I learnt that it cannot be installed on this operating system. So I downloaded Windows Live Mail from the Microsoft web site (based on your recommendation) and installed it on my computer. However, Windows Live mail doesn’t work. Do I need to reinstall it? What am I doing wrong? I think I was better off with Outlook Express.
Ghasem Abdollahi

For those who don’t know, Windows Live Mail is a new email client from Microsoft that is meant to replace Outlook Express. The company urges users to shift to the new program because they longer support and develop Outlook Express.

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However, the transition from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail can be frustrating for many users because of the differences in the interface and organization of email messages and email accounts. But the basic functionality is the same.

If the installed Windows Live Mail on your computer doesn’t work properly, here is how you should troubleshoot.

  1. Make sure you make Windows Live Mail the default email client on your computer.
  2. Simply installing Windows Live Mail will not solve anything. You need to set up an email account. Only then would the program be able to download and send email messages. Please refer to the links at the end of this post for details on how to configure some popular email accounts.
  3. Make sure you use the correct login (username and password) and the email incoming and outgoing server information. Call the I.S.P. customer support if you’ve forgotten these important details.
  4. Remember, Windows Live Mail makes 5 default folders for each email account that you setup. I know this is a major eyesore but that’s the way the program works.
  5. If you cannot send messages with Windows Live Mail and get an SMTP error, the problem might lie with the ISP blocking the outgoing port.
  6. If everything fails, I suggest you re-install the program.

Windows Live Mail doesn’t work because you haven’t set up an email account yet!

To repeat, Windows Live Mail will not work till you setup an email account which is not a difficult process. In fact, you would have done this on Outlook Express. No worries if you cannot recall the steps. Below are links to pages with detailed instructions and screenshots on how to add some popular email accounts on Windows Live Mail.

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