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Suzan wants to know how to “change the email program on my computer“. Assuming the present email client is not working properly or she wants to use a different one, here are the steps to set popular Windows based email programs as the preferred one on your computer.

Firstly, if you want to change you email program, you need to download and install another one that can replace the old program. For users of Windows Mail Vista or Outlook Express email programs, I recommend you install Windows Live Mail which is the latest free email client from Microsoft.

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Thunderbird, from the developers of the Firefox browser, is also a nice free email program. This email client is cross-platform; i.e. available for a variety of operating systems. Yahoo email program, Zimbra Desktop lets you download Yahoo email even from the free accounts – Plus Yahoo! account is not a requirement.

The instructions have been worked out using the email programs available for the Windows operating system which include Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail Vista, Outlook Express and MS Outlook. All these are equipped with a default program check that is triggered (by default) when you start them.

Windows Live Mail- the new email program

Make Windows Live Mail the default email programThe latest email client from Microsoft is Windows Live Mail. The company recommends Windows Mail Vista or Outlook Express users leave their old programs behind as they are no longer being developed and supported. You can download Windows Live Mail for free from the Microsoft web site. After successful installation, Windows Live Mail usually becomes the default email client on the computer.

If, by chance, Windows Live Mail is not made default email program, go to “Tools -> “Options” and click on the Make Default button under the General tab. Click on the Apply and OK buttons to confirm your change request.

Windows Mail on Vista

Make Windows Mail the default email program on your computerThe default email program on Windows Vista operating system is Windows Mail. Just as with Windows Live Mail, you need to go to the General tab in the program Options and hit the “Make Default” button.

MS Outlook 2007

the options and settings for Outlook email program for making it the defaultOutlook 2007 is a part of the Microsoft Office package. It’s an advanced and more robust email program than the free alternatives. However, Outlook cost is a tad less than $140, at the time of writing) – it’s not free!
To change to Outlook 2007 email program as the default, you need to go to Options via the Tools menu and put a checkmark in front of “Make Outlook the default program for e-mail, Contacts, and Calendar” under the “Other” tab. By the way, as mentioned before, each email client will typically ask you to make it into the default when you start it.

Table of default email programs on popular operating systems

As mentioned above, Outlook Express and Windows Mail Vista users are urged to move to Windows Live Mail. However, this email program takes a little getting used to as it’s markedly different from it’s predecessors and even it’s older versions.

Vista users who’ve now started to work on Windows 7 may find the operating system devoid of an email program. Not to worry. Use either Windows Live Mail or get Windows Mail on Windows 7 (Yes! You can continue to use your familar email program). Read that article on how to get your familar client on the new O.S.

Operating System Default email program
Windows XP Outlook Express
Windows Vista Windows Mail
Windows 7 No email client with O.S. You can get Windows Live Mail for free!
Macs Apple Mail
Ubuntu Linux Evolution
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