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Software to create Animated GIFs

Software to create Animated GIFs

Here is a list of software used to create animated gifs. With their help, making animated gifs is simple affair. But before you fire up the software and start creating animations, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you really need an animated gif where a static image will work just as well.
  • Do you need an image in the first place?
  • If you need to create an animated gif banner, have you worked on its story-board and its color combination? Refer Web banner design tips.

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XARA3D – Xara.com

Another personal favorite of mine. Xara3D allows you to create stunning 3D text. In fact, the program can create a 3D version of any object as long as you have it as a font. So, for example, if you have your logo as a font, the program can create 3D images of the same.

This animated gif creation software is so simple to use, I seen a newbie creating stunning 3D animations in less than 5 minutes. Unlike other software that have tons of options and commands most of which you will never use, Xara3D has a simple and intuitive interface so that your can create animated gifs in no time. You can create titles for your web sites, buttons, 3D objects for Flash all using this easy to use software. The Xara3D engine utilizes full anti-aliasing so that the results are smooth, professional looking images.

For further details, refer Logo animation with Xara 3D.

Ulead GIF Animator

This is a more complex software and lets you create professional looking animated gifs quickly. It can create both web graphics as well as PowerPoint presentations. It’s one of the better software available in the market, and if you plan to start a career designing animated banners, the Ulead GIF Animator is a good tool to have.


I simply love that name! This software for animated gifs started off as a animated icon creator but has expanded to include full-fledged animated gifs creation features. It has a web site dedicated to it and you can visit it here.


Flagimation is a program that lets you create animated flags. The animated gifs created by this software are pretty realistic. Its web site is at Pegtop.de

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