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Understanding the need for a web site address is the first step you take towards getting an online presence. A web site address, sometimes also known as a domain name, or a simply, web address, is what people type in the browser to get to your web site.

All web sites need to have an address without which they would not be found. Web sites, as you probably might know, are a bunch of web pages which are digital documents typically written in HTML. FYI, the web address or domain name translates into an I.P. address which specifies the location of the server on which the web site is hosted. I.P. addresses consist of a set of four numbers and the web address or domain name is a more human readable form.

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OK, that was enough theory. If you want to dig deeper, I suggest you follow the links in the above paragraph.

Getting a web site address is not rocket science but there is one thing I like to say at the very start: domain names do not come for free, though they are very cheap nowadays (we’ll come to this soon). The free web site address promotions that you may find on web hosting companies are, in one way, misleading because their cost is absorbed in the hosting plan price.

You get a web site address for a few dollars per year

Your need for a web site address will cost you just a little amount. The registration of domain names is for a minimum of one year and you can also take multiple years at the time of booking the web address. There are several domain name registrars but the most famous and trusted of the lot is Network Solutions. This company was the first to sell web site addresses and is still probably the most reliable company to register your domain name. Network Solutions also offers a variety of services including web sites (small and large), email accounts with your web site address and much more. It’s like a one stop shop for creating a solid online presence.

How to register a web site address

The whole process of registering a web site address or a domain name is fairly easy. It’s like purchasing a product online – and don’t fret if you haven’t done that – trust me, it’s quite simple. The only aspect that you should pay attention to is choosing a good web address. Domain name hoarders (people who purchase domain names in bulk just to sell them at a premium later on) make it slightly difficult for the average Joe to lay his hands on a web address of choice but it’s not impossible. A little perseverance and patience will get you the web site address you want.

Web site addresses, as you may be aware, consist of a name and an extension such as .com, .net, etc. Remember, if you cannot get a dot com, there are always options available.

Head off to the Network Solutions web site and enter the name and select the desired extensions. Now search for the availability of the web site addresses. If so, you are in luck and quickly register the domain name. Refer how to get a good web site address or domain name for tips and advice.

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