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Filter emails with attachments in Outlook Express

Filter emails with attachments in Outlook Express

I have set up a filter for emails with attachments. I don’t want these to be downloaded via POP to Outlook Express as I use a dial up. Even though I have specified that the emails skip the Inbox (and I’ve also tried to mark them as ‘Read’) they still download. I want them to stay labelled and not download until I use the LAN connection at school. How can I filter these emails with attachments properly in Outlook Express?

Outlook Express, probably the world’s most popular email program, has Message Rules that lets you filter emails as per your instructions. The directives in these rules act like a sieve for all incoming email messages.

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Please note, Outlook Express message rules filter messages when they are being fetched from the server. They rules can also be applied on emails that are already downloaded and stored in the inbox.

How to elegantly filter the emails with attachments using Outlook Express rules

As per my understanding, you don’t want to download messages with attachments when on a dialup connection, right? The solution lies in the message rules but you are using the wrong ones. You have to pick “Where the message has an attachment” condition and the “Do not Download it from the server” action. All emails that have attachments will never be downloaded now! Obviously, this is not what you want. So you have to delete this rule when you connect using the LAN at school and then enable it once again at home.

Painful… yes!

You can also use two email programs – for instance, Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail. Employ message rules and get all messages without attachments in one and everything on the other. You use the former on the dial-up connect and the latter on the WiFi LAN. Make sure the “Do not delete from server” option is checked in both the email programs.

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