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Digital art from Ben Heine

Digital art from Ben Heine

Digital art can take various forms. From the straightforward manipulation in Photoshop to elaborate creations that use video and audio. The extremely talented artist, Ben Heine, has unfolded a new aspect which he calls Digital Circlism.

What is Digital Circlism?

In the words of the artist, Digital Circlim is a mix between PopArt and Pointillism. The artwork is made using digital tools. With the sharp round brush in Photoshop, Ben puts in each circle individually taking into account their sizes and colors. These two aspects of the circles determine the depth in the picture and provide volume.

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Thus, larger circles are placed on lighter areas of the picture while the smaller are meant for darker sections. In addition to the size of the circle, one also needs to pay attention to the color which results in a sort of smoothening.

Marilyn Monroe

Freddie Mercury

Elvis Presley

Mad Hatter - Johnny Depp

Lady Gaga

Bob Marley

Remembering What I Am


Ben Heine web siteBen Heine Flickr photostream

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