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Where do I change domain name on server?

Where do I change domain name on server?

Where do I change the domain name on my web server? I’m letting go of my expired domain, and need to change the http association to a new one. Can anyone help?
Janet Powers

Can you change the domain name on web hosting server?

A web hosting plan is typically ‘tied’ to a domain name. On plans that allow you to host multiple web sites, there would at least be one primary domain name. Generally there is no direct option in the control panel through which you can change the associated domain name. So what should you do?

I suggest you contact the web hosting company and ask them if this is even possible. On multiple web site hosting plans you may be allowed to change the primary domain name but it all depends on the policies of the company. By the way, if there are a few months remaining on the web hosting, why go through all this. it would be simpler to get a new hosting package!

Nowadays many companies offer cheap hosting plans especially for people who want to host many web sites. Here are a couple I recommend.

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