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How do I host many web sites?

How to host several web sites?

Thanks for all the information on web hosting. Where can I buy a website sever to host many web sites.
Richard Murphy

It’s very easy and cheap to host many web sites nowadays; and, no, you don’t need a separate hosting plans for each. As long as the web sites don’t get millions of heavy users each day or run server intensive processes, putting all of them on a single reseller web hosting package will save you a lot of money.

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However, choosing a reliable web hosting company may confound the newly initiated. There are simply too many companies fighting it out in the marketplace. Anyway, in this post I shall share some of my experiences and point you in the right direction.

Reseller package or a dedicated web server?

Several options exist for hosting multiple web sites. When you are just starting out, I suggest going in for a reseller package. Hosting companies offer these at very low prices which is great when you are testing waters.

But if you are overzealous and have money to spare, you can think of a dedicated server. These come in two flavors – managed server and a standalone virtual machine that you need to maintain yourself. The former option costs more but may prove to be a better bet. Why? Because managing a web server is just too cumbersome. Unless you have dedicated technical people to oversee the day to day running of the web server, it’s just going to take too much of your time. It’s better to put your efforts in developing and promoting the web sites than fighting off hacker attacks!

The adventurous may also think of setting up a server at their premises but this is impractical for most people as it requires supporting infrastructure. And it will cost much more than the price you pay for a managed virtual server from a hosting company.

How to host many web sites quickly

Continuing the point above, several companies now offer plans in which you can host many web sites. These plans come with hundreds of GB of storage space and sufficient bandwidth for a few millions of visitors each month. Fierce competition and falling hardware costs have enabled businesses to provide features that would have been unthinkable a few years back.

Reseller plans to host many web sites

Once you have a reseller web hosting account, simply add the domains one by one. Each gets its own space (you can configure that too) with its own account. The web host can also provides the Fantastico scripts library through which you can install a blog, a forum or a mailinglist in a couple of clicks.

But how many web sites can you put on the server? A majority of web hosts provide unlimited space and bandwidth to host unlimited web sites. (On reseller accounts, the storage space and bandwidth are clearly specified which is technically and ethically more correct). Any way, I’m sure you understand, that by “unlimited”, companies (including Yahoo) just mean “A WHOLE LOT OF”.

Finally, companies assume that the multiple web sites hosted on their shared server will not consume most of the resources. So unless your web site becomes an overnight success story and starts getting millions of visitors each day, you are safe. By the way, if your web site does become so popular, you can shift it to its own server once you get the funding from venture capitalists, right?

Please also read recommended and reliable web hosting.

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