Latest browser versions - Updated list with beta release information

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Are you using the latest version of your chosen web browser? Don't know how to do that? Read check the browser version for instructions with screenshots. Anyway, below is an updated list of the latest browser versions.

Why should you use the latest browser version?

Though its generally suggested using the newest browser version, this might not be a good idea especially when you're working on an old computer (anything machine that's more than 3 years old). Please note that upgraded software would typically not be able to run properly - it would either be very slow or cause a whole lot of other problems with other installed programs on your computer.

For instance, when I installed the latest version of Internet Explore (8, at the time of writing) on a Windows XP laptop, things moved at a snails pace. I was better off with the older version, right?

But outdated browser versions present their own set of problems - security being the most important. So if you are using an old computer I recommend switching to another program - one which is light-weight and can run fast on your machine. Take a look at some altervatives in the big web browsers list... you don't need to use one of the popular web browsers.

For majority of users, here are some reasons to upgrade to the latest browser version:

  • Security: Typically, the newer version of the browser will have patches for security holes.
  • Faster rendering engines: Though downloading speed is dependent on the internet connection, the latest browser version will render web sites faster than its predecessor. The same can also be said for the JavaScript engine.
  • Better compliance to web standards
  • Better usability: For instance, all the latest versions of popular browsers now sport tabbed browsing.
  • New nifty features: Such as those that give more control to the user on how to manage their private data, cache and cookies.
  • Easier to use interface: Not always true, however.
  Browser Name & Developer Platform
Internet Explorer logo Internet Explorer
Stable Release: 10.0.6
Latest browser version: 11
Internet Explorer for Windows
Firefox (also called Mozilla Firefox) logo Firefox (also called Mozilla Firefox)
Stable Release: 22.0
Latest browser version: 23.0b1
Firefox (also called Mozilla Firefox) for WindowsFirefox (also called Mozilla Firefox) for MacintoshFirefox (also called Mozilla Firefox) for Unix/Linux
Chrome logo Chrome
Stable Release: 27.0.1453.116
Latest browser version: 28.0.1500.53
Chrome for WindowsChrome for MacintoshChrome for Unix/Linux
Safari logo Safari
Stable Release: 6.0.5
Latest browser version: 6.0.5
Safari for WindowsSafari for Macintosh
Opera logo Opera
Stable Release: 12.15
Latest browser version: 15.0
Opera for WindowsOpera for MacintoshOpera for Unix/Linux
Netscape Navigator logo Netscape Navigator
Stable Release: 9
Latest browser version: 9
Netscape Navigator for WindowsNetscape Navigator for MacintoshNetscape Navigator for Unix/Linux
Camino logo Camino
Stable Release: 2.1.2
Latest browser version: 2.1.2
Camino for Macintosh
SeaMonkey logo SeaMonkey
Stable Release: 2.17.1
Latest browser version: 2.19 Beta 1
SeaMonkey for WindowsSeaMonkey for MacintoshSeaMonkey for Unix/Linux
K-Meleon logo K-Meleon
Stable Release: 1.5.4
Latest browser version: 1.6.0 Beta 2
K-Meleon for Windows
Galeon logo Galeon
Stable Release: 2.0.7
Latest browser version: 2.0.7
Galeon for Unix/Linux
Konqueror logo Konqueror
Stable Release: 4.10.4
Latest browser version: 4.11 Beta 1
Konqueror for WindowsKonqueror for Unix/Linux
Maxthon Browser logo Maxthon Browser
Stable Release:
Latest browser version:
Maxthon Browser for WindowsMaxthon Browser for Macintosh
Flock (web browser) logo Flock (web browser)
Stable Release: 3.6.4
Latest browser version: 3.6.4
Flock (web browser) for WindowsFlock (web browser) for MacintoshFlock (web browser) for Unix/Linux

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Page contents: List of latest browser versions including beta version information - Updated whenever new announcements are made.