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List of browsers for Mac

To all Mac users – there are many alternatives to Safari. We understand your love for Apple products but, there is no harm in trying out Google’s Chrome or Vivaldi, the latest browser to join this list.

By the way, before Safari was released, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was the default on the Mac. In fact, one could change the color of I.E. to match that of the iMac G3.

Also, we’ve included some browsers even though they have now been discontinued because one can still download and use them.

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Chrome logo Chrome
Download version 57.0.2987.110
Firefox (also known as Mozilla Firefox) logo Firefox (also known as Mozilla Firefox)
Mozilla Corporation
Download version 52.0.1
Safari logo Safari
Apple Inc.
Download version 10.0.3
Last version for Windows was 5.1.7
Opera logo Opera
Opera Software ASA
Download version 43.0.2442.1144
SeaMonkey logo SeaMonkey
SeaMonkey Council
Download version 2.46
Maxthon logo Maxthon
Download version
Vivaldi logo Vivaldi
Vivaldi Technologies
Download version 1.7.735.46
A new browser by the creator of Opera
GNU IceCat logo GNU IceCat
Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Download version 45.7.0
Sleipnir logo Sleipnir
Fenrir Inc.
Download version
Yandex Browser logo Yandex Browser
Download version
Linux version in development
Tor logo Tor
The Tor Project, Inc
Download version
iCab logo iCab
Alexander Clauss
Download version 5.8.1
Dooble logo Dooble
Download version 1.56c
TenFourFox logo TenFourFox
Download version 45.8.0
QupZilla logo QupZilla
David Rosca
Download version 2.1.1
Pale Moon logo Pale Moon
Download version 27.2.0
Brave logo Brave
Brave Software Inc.
Download version 0.13.4
Chromium logo Chromium
Download version Git rolling release
Roccat Browser logo Roccat Browser
Download version 7.1
Slimjet logo Slimjet
FlashPeak Inc.
Download version
Amaya logo Amaya
Download version 11.4.4
Links logo Links
Mikuláš Patočka
Download version 2.14
Dillo Web Browser logo Dillo Web Browser
Download version 3.0.5
Waterfox logo Waterfox
Alex Kontos
Download version 52.0
Epic logo Epic
Hidden Reflex
Download version 55.0.2661.75
Iron Browser logo Iron Browser
Download version 56.0.2950.1
Fluid logo Fluid
Todd Ditchendorf
Download version 1.8.3
Kylo logo Kylo
Hillcrest Labs
Download version
NetSurf logo NetSurf
The NetSurf Developers
Download version 3.6
Torch Browser logo Torch Browser
Torch Media Inc.
Download version
Citrio logo Citrio
Catalina Group Ltd.
Download version 45.0.2454.266
Conkeror logo Conkeror
Download version 1.0.0
Nano logo Nano
Nano Browser PVT LTD.
Download version 1.0
OmniWeb logo OmniWeb
The Omni Group
Download version 5.11.2
Bitty Browser logo Bitty Browser
Download version
Cốc Cốc Browser logo Cốc Cốc Browser
Cốc Cốc
Download version 60.4.136
For the Vietnamese market
Thomas Dickey
Download version 2.8.8
Classilla logo Classilla
Download version 9.3.3
QtWeb logo QtWeb
Download version 3.8.5
Stainless logo Stainless
MD Software, LLC
Download version 0.8
Wyzo media browser logo Wyzo media browser
Radical Software Ltd.
Download version 3.6.4
ZAC Browser logo ZAC Browser
People CD Inc.
Download version 1.5
Netscape Navigator logo Netscape Navigator
Netscape Communications Corporation (now part of AOL)
Download version 9
Discontinued. Netscape Navigator had once ruled the web.
Flock (web browser) logo Flock (web browser)
Flock, Inc.
Download version 3.6.4
Camino logo Camino
The Camino Project
Download version 2.1.2
Arora logo Arora
Benjamin C. Meyer
Download version 0.11.0
Shiira logo Shiira
Shiira Project
Download version 2.3
Beonex Communicator logo Beonex Communicator
Ben Bucksch
Download version 0.8.2-stable
Grail logo Grail
Download version 0.6
SlimBoat logo SlimBoat
FlashPeak Inc.
Download version 1.1.48
Lobo Java Web Browser logo Lobo Java Web Browser
The Lobo Project
Download version 0.98.4

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