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How can I get notified when Yahoo email is opened?

How can I get notified when Yahoo email is opened?

Yahoo offers a great email service – unlimited storage space, a cool drag-n-drop interface, applications and utilities etc. However, sometimes I feel it lacks some basic, though not very popular, requirements.

One such is the return receipt feature. I know not many people use this but for those who want to; unfortunately, there is no direct option with for getting a notification when a Yahoo email is opened by the recipient. However, there are a few nice out-of-the-box solutions to the problem.

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SpyPig’s free notification system for Yahoo! Mail

Free email notification system from SpyPig - get to know when recipient opened the email messageThe email tracking service from SpyPig sends a notification when the recipient opens a Yahoo email you’ve sent. This tracking is done by embedding an image code in the message. Now when this email is opened, the image will be downloaded from SpyPig’s web server and will trigger an “email has been opened” alert. A notification will be sent to you on the email address you’ve provided – sometimes these may land in the “Spam” folder so check those too.

You don’t need to sign up or create an account with SpyPig. Simply supply your email address, a title (with which you can identify the notification), select the image and the number of notifications you want to receive and get the tracking code. Add the image to your email message preferably at the very end. There are different images supplied including a blank (white) one and you can even use your own which is really nice (think of your company logo).

ReadNotify – Tracks your email and lets you know when it has been opened

ReadNotify.com - track your email and know when it has been opened and readReadNotify is one of the most powerful and reliable email tracking systems which works with your present email address including one from web based services such as Yahoo. The service, which offers a free 2-week trial, gives you two ways to embed the tracking code.

In addition to getting a notification of when the email has been opened you can also track other attributes of the email such as:

  • Date and time
  • Location: based on the I.P. address of the client computer
  • Clicks on any URL sent in the email message
  • How long the email message remained open which can loosely me translated to the time taken to read the email.
  • The number of times the email was opened.
  • Whether the email was forwarded, or read on a different computer.

Notifications can be sent to the Personal Tracking Page (your account at ReadNotify.com), email, SMS (on your cell-phone or pager), instant messengers etc. Overall, ReadNotify, a great superb service and one that will benefit people who like to get notified of when their email was opened and read by the recipient.

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