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Paint Shop Pro

Jasc Paint Shop ProPSP is one of the easiest programs to learn. Creating and saving web graphics is a breeze. In addition to the standard tools, the program has some very special features such as “Picture tubes”, “Color Replacer” etc. The software comes with a set of filters and image effects and there are other third party filters that you can use. PSP also has an useful in-built “Screen Capture” utility.
PSP now supports vector text and and multicolored gradients. With its low price and excellent features, it is one of the programs each web designer should have.

Animation Shop

Jasc Animation ShopIncluded with Paint Shop Pro as well as sold separately, Animation Shop is a wonderful product from Jasc. It integrates well with Paint Shop Pro allowing easy creation of animated gifs. The program also has many built-in animation effects to add that extra punch to your graphic.