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Image editing programs

Image editing programs

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There are several image editing and manipulation programs available to the web designer, from high-end tools such as Adobe PhotoShop to the more slim Paint Shop Pro. Though, the basic functionality of these software is similar, each is slightly better than the other in certain aspects.

While, some programs are dedicated to web graphics creation and manipulation, others are more for designers who want to touch up photographs or for professional (and amateur) artists to create beautiful works of “Digital Art”.

Almost all image editing software come with an array of plugins (filters) and further, there are third party developers whose sole job is creating filters for these programs.

Other tools are dedicated to creating animated gifs, the images that we have come to love (if they are on our site) and hate (if they are on other web sites).

Here I’ll list some of the programs I’ve used over the past 4 years either as demos or full fledged versions. I would not like to pass any judgement on the usefulness of these software but, rather, discuss (briefly) the functionality of each. You would also come across some of my “Digital Art” as you go along.

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