Google’s Birthday: 27 September

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Google’s birthday falls on 27th September and, since 2002, they have been celebrating it with a doodle. However, this date is probably arbitrary since no one in the company knows why it has been chosen.

In fact, since incorporation on 4th September 1998, the search engine giant has celebrated its birthday on FOUR DIFFERENT DATES!. Though, as in the case of other companies, the date of incorporation should be regarded as the birthday, Google in all its quirkiness has selected different dates over the years. How do we know this? By their doodles, of course.

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>Google's first four birthday doodles - fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh birthdays

Image Source: Google 1, 2, 3, 4

Finally, in 2006, Google went back to the 2002 date and has, henceforth, been celebrating its birthday on 27th September.