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How do I get rid of the Windows Live MSN home page?

How do I get rid of the Windows Live MSN home page?

I’ve recently created a Hotmail email address as the Yahoo account which I had used for years was hacked. I’ve started to really like Hotmail and feel it is a shade better than Yahoo which used to take a long time to load on my computer. But I don’t like to be shown ads and news once I log in. How can I get rid of this Windows Live page with the MSN headlines?
Victoria Tomson

You’ve made a wise choice with Hotmail… not that Yahoo or Gmail are bad. It’s actually kind of tough to take a call on which is the best email service in the world. Anyway, Hotmail has improved dramatically in the past year or so. I especially like the little changes they have made to the webmail interface all of which should make it easy for the newbie to quickly get up and running with their email.

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By default, the Windows Live home page loads when you sign in at the Hotmail email service. This page has a few ad banners, the MSN headlines section, and occasionally a few tips and tricks on how to use the email account effectively. However, if you don’t fancy this MSN home page and would rather like to load the inbox, simply change the options and settings of the account.

Get rid of the MSN Windows Live home page with ads and news

Here are the instructions on how to get rid of the MSN Windows Live home page so that the email inbox loads when you sign in at your account.

  • Load the Hotmail.com sign in page.
  • You see the Windows Live Home page when you log in.
  • Click the small arrow beside your name and select Options from the menu to load account settings.
  • Click on the Windows Live Home settings link.
  • Select the option to view the inbox after login and save the changes.
  1. Launch your favourite web browser, load the Hotmail page and sign in at your account Slide 1.
  2. You’ll probably see a page similar to Slide 2. This is the Windows Live Home page that loads instead of the Hotmail inbox. Your name would be displayed close to the top-right corner.
  3. Click on your name or the small downward arrow. A menu drops down. Select “Options Slide 3.
  4. You’ll be in the “General” options section. Click “Customize Windows Live Home” Slide 4.
  5. Select “Show me my inbox when I sign in” and save the changes you’ve made Slide 5.

That’s it! From now on you won’t get the Windows Live MSN homepage again after signing in at Hotmail.

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