How do I create web site address? Get a domain name

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Getting a domain name is the first step you take towards a serious online presence. A web site name is the focal point of your online business and brand. Now to create a web site address all you need to do is to buy a domain name from a reliable registrar such as Network Solutions.

FYI, there are hundreds (if not more), of companies through which you can register a domain name but my strong advice is to pick up trustworthy one. Why? because your web site address will soon become your online identity… and you wouldn’t want to lose that, right?

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Network Solutions was one of the first companies to sell web site addresses or domain names and they still are the most reliable places to start your online venture. Additionally, through Network solutions you can take much more than a domain name. For instance, you can add email or a web site with your domain name order. Their charges are reasonable and there is whole range of services on offer. Furthermore, if you are a beginner, I would doubly recommend Network Solutions because their customer support (which is the most important thing) is excellent.

How to register your web site address

Registering a domain name involves the following, and I shall provide a brief on each.

Is the domain name available?

A domain name needs to be unique; no two web site addresses can be the same, right? This means you first have find if the web site address you want is indeed available. FYI, a domain name consists of two parts: the actual name and the extension (also called TLD – top-level domain). Some popular domain names are, or In all of these, the TLD is .com (which stands for businesses in the United States). Just like the ubiquitous .com, there are other TLDs – .net, .biz etc. and you may also find country specific ones such as (United Kingdom) or (India). If the name is unavailable on a certain TLD, you can try other options.

Searching for a domain name involves entering it in a text field, selecting a TLD and then hitting the submit button. The domain name registrar will inform you if the web site address is available or has been booked by someone.

Selecting the web site addresses you want

Once you have listed out a few of the web site addresses that are available, decide which one you want to register. As mentioned above, domain names are fairly cheap nowadays and, if you so want, go ahead and book all the web site addresses.

If you want email or web hosting, or even a small web site, include it in your order.

Processing your order for web site address

Most, if not all, domain name registrars will allow you to pay for the web site addresses online through a credit card. If that doesn’t work, explore the alternate pay options.

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