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Adsense report and stats issues – Weird? Faulty?

Adsense report and stats issues - Weird? Faulty?

Do you use Adsense advertising on your web site and check Adsense reports and stats regularly? If so, you might encounter weird issues sometimes. My advice is not to panic when the Adsense numbers are not showing up because this typically happens when Google changes or introduces a new feature on their advertising program. I too have come across really strange ad impression and earnings figures.

To keep abreast with the latest on Adsense stats issues I also suggest you subscribe to the RSS feed at Jensense.com a useful blog run by Jennifer Slegg. She is adept at quickly spotting and reporting the problems that may arise at Adsense accounts. In fact, Jennifer’s blog voices the concerns usually much before its mentioned on the Official Adsense blog.

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Why are Adsense reports and stats messed up sometimes?

I suppose (hey, I may be wrong) we get weird Adsense reports and stats because of a change to the system like modifications of existing feature or the implement of a new one. Google, usually informs us via the Official Adsense blog, when they would be trying out something new on their advertising program but as you can understand any added feature requires a lot of testing. It’s in these “checking and testing procedures” that one comes across issues in the Adsense reports, typically, weird and faulty numbers.

Check out the image below. On the 15th of February 2009, my account reported earnings and clicks without any impressions! It’s a no-brainer – something was terribly wrong. A quick trip to Jennifer Slegg’s blog allayed my fears.

Weird and strange Adsense reports and stats - numbers not showing up properly

Such Adsense problems are usually corrected in a few hours with no loss of data (Google, we take your word!).

By the way, whenever there is site maintenance in the offing, users are typically informed via the Google Adsense blog – subscribe to stay informed and also get help and tit-bits on the latest.

The Adsense program is indeed a great advertising option for small and large web sites alike. When done well, it can generate a fair bit of revenue. In my experience, no ad network comes even close to Adsense, though selling via affiliates can be more lucrative. Anyway, you should never put all eggs in one basket so try out different ways to earn money through your web site.

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