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Free 1GB Email Accounts

Free 1GB Email Accounts

The new GMail, Google’s 1GB free email account has prompted other email service providers to increase the INBOX space they offer on their free email accounts. Gmail email accounts, as of now, can only be opened via special invitations. Employees and existing GMail users can invite a new user for a Gmail account.

So till the time someone takes pity on your plight and sends you a Gmail invite (this rhymes!), you can still get an 1GB free email account with one of the other three listed below.

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Update: Gmail email accounts now come with more than 1GB email accounts – it was 2.8GB and increasing the last time I checked. It seems Google is now bent on killing the competition.

The Gmail email service comes from one of the biggest web companies – Google! And that’s the best recommendation one can have for a service. You can know more about GMail here or read through the list of its fabulous features.

UPDATE: Gmail opens up for all – Anyone can now get a Gmail address
Now any one can get a Gmail account; no special invitations are required. However, existing users can still send invites to people. Read more about this and get yourself an account if you don’t have one already.
Gmail opens for everyone – get your free Gmail account and also Configure Gmail account in Outlook Express email client.

A local player here in India has held the bull by the horns in the race for providing the largest space for free email accounts. Rediffmail is a very good email service provider. My estimate based on the email addresses of my contacts, is that more than 30% of net users in India have and regularly use their Rediffmail accounts – and that’s a very large percentage.
Rediffmail provides 1GB free email account – its punch line: “Keep all the mails you want, for as long as you want”.

A 1GB email account. More information on their web site http://www.walla.com. You can go directly to the sign-up page here – friends.walla.com.
Update: Walla wants to stay in the fray. Email accounts now come with 3GB of space.

Spymac is a site for Macintosh users and has started to offer 1GB space with their email accounts. In addition to the 1GB email account, Spymac members also get 100 MB Webspace, iCal Hosting, 250MB Photo Storage, Blog, Forum and Gallery, Community and more…

Hotmail has finally opened its eyes. You now get a 1GB storage space on Hotmail accounts along with customizable spam (junk e-mail) filters, virus scanning and cleaning etc. However, I am quite sure that several people (pssst… including my wife) have stopped using their Hotmail email accounts. Microsoft, I guess it’s been rather late, huh?

Yahoo! Mail
Yahoo! would have thrown their weapons at Google’ feet at the end of the search engine war (???), but they have always taken their online email service very seriously. Most of the Yahoo! Mail users I know still use their accounts. In addition to the 1GB storage space, the email service from Yahoo! comes with SpamGuard (to protect your account from spammers and junk emails), mobile phone alerts, message size of upto 10MB etc. Yahoo Mail! is still a tough competitor to Gmail.

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