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Why should I delete the web browser history

Why should you delete web browser history?

Most Mondays are disgusting, and probably, so is your weekend web browsing history. Don’t say it isn’t. Let’s be fair now. If you were to look back at your life, wouldn’t you wish, you deleted the history before passing the computer to your friend?

By the way, clearing the browser history was quite a pain a decade or so back – especially with Internet Explorer 5. If you use the incognito/private mode found in most modern web browsers, rest assured the browser history will not be saved on your device.

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The humorous images (jokes) on this page take a dig at why one should delete the web browser history.

Last words

Everyman’s last words – please get rid of my web browsing history.

Everyman's last words - Delete my browser history

Wife/girlfriend discover the browser history

For centuries, women have been embarrassing husbands by discovering their web browser history. This has been captured beautifully by an unknown artist on this oil on canvas.

Wife discovers browser history - Painting - Oil on canvas

Why did you clean it up?

What do you say when asked why the browser history is empty? You just stand there and give a sheepish smile!

What happened to the browser history?

Geek & Poke - No browser history?Source

Passing it onto your sons

The first talk you should have with your son is not about the birds and the bees but rather the web browsing history. Advice on getting rid of the files in the browser cache is an added bonus.

Father and son talk - handling the browser historySource

Browser history and kids of today

And this gets us to the point that kids of today won’t be able to “get away with it” so easily. Well, the smart kids know to use incognito/private mode.

In a way, I feel sorry for the kids of this generation...

Why is it important to delete the web browser history?

You need to get rid of the web browser history not because it will be embarrassing. You need to do this out of politeness!

Never clear browser history... LawsOfModernManSource

On a serious note, you may find the following useful:

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