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Inventor of the World Wide Web title

Inventor of the World Wide Web title

27 July, 2012

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is conferred the title of “Inventor of the World Wide Web” at the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in London on 27th July 2012. Sir Tim was present and tweeted “This is for everyone” from a vintage NeXT computer. His message was displayed on the LCD screens attached to the chairs of the entire 80,000 people in the audience.

Tim Berners-Lee had created the World Wide Web on a NeXT computer at CERN in 1990.

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The story behind the origin of the name of Linux is interesting. The creator of the operating system, Linus Torvalds, had originally named it "Freax" - a combination of "free", "freak" and "x". He had also considered "Linux" but thought it was too egoistical. So, during development, Torvalds had stored all files in a directory named Freax. Anyway, the files and the directory (with the name Freax) were maintained on an FTP server of FUNET. Ari Lemmke, who was one of the the administrators of the server, didn't like the name 'Freax' and changed it to 'Linux' without asking Torvalds, who later agreed to keep the new name.The first version of Linux was released on 25th August 1991. By the way, Ari Lemmke had played a role in the early days of the World Wide Web. He had been the the supervisor of the four Finnish students who developed Erwise, the first graphical web browser, at the Helsinki University of Technology. FYI, the term 'Linux' is trademarked in the US by Linus Torvalds to prevent others from making money off it. [more...]

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