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404 Day: 4 April

404 Day - the fourth of April

Yes! The dreaded “404 – Page Not Found” error actually has a day dedicated to it. And what better than 4th of the fourth month of the year – 4th of April. The 404 day shouldn’t be about the fragility of the web or about “getting lost”. I think the day is a celebration of the weirdness, wackiness and the ever-changing nature of the global network that we all love.

You see, that’s the innate character of the World Wide Web – it is never static. By the time you’ve read this page, the web would have changed many times over – pages, documents, files would have been added, deleted and modified. The 404 error results from the constant flux the web is in.

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A note for web developers

Don’t you think this is a good day to check site logs to figure out all the 404 errors and fix broken links on your web sites?
Being a web developer myself, I can imagine that this is a boring and mundane task. But hey, we all got to to it sometime. Why not today? So brew yourself a pot of coffee or tea and get down to it.

Check out our 404 page to know more about this error – WebDevelopersNotes 404 page.

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As per the creator, Robert Morris, the Morris worm unleashed on November 2, 1988 was intended to measure the size of the Internet. It, however, caused upto a million dollars in damage. Morris was fined $10,000 with 3 years probation and 400 hours community service. [more...]

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