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Create a Yahoo Photo album

Create a Yahoo Photo album

What is Flickr?

Flickr is a Yahoo service that allows you to manage and share photos with friends and family… actually anyone in the world. It offers two types of accounts – free and Pro (paid). To create a Yahoo photo album all you need are the login details of your account. I suggest you first start with the free subscription and then upgrade to the Pro unless you are an avid photographer and want to take advantage of the extra features on the paid accounts like extra space.

Yahoo photo albums with the photo sharing and management service - Flickr

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Flickr lets you:

  • upload photos from your computer, via email or through a camera phone (such as an iPhone).
  • edit photographs quickly. Basic photo manipulation functionality such as red eye correction, cropping, effects, embedding fancy fonts and text are available.
  • organize and manage your photos using sets and collections.
  • add location information to photographs. This is called “geotagging“. Sharing geotagged uploads with others lets you see photos and videos taken near you.
  • share photos with friends and family. You can set the privacy and sharing restrictions on each photo, a set or a collection. Thus, some photos can be hidden (made private) while others could be available for the world to see. Another great photo sharing feature in Flickr is the Guest Pass that you can send out to someone who doesn’t hold an account at the service. These passes, whose expiration date you can set, grant special access to the invitees and they can view your photo collections without first registering for an account at Flickr.
  • get creative with your photos or those that are available to you. You can have photo books, calendars, holiday cards, prints for framing etc. made from these photographs.

How to create a photo album on Yahoo Flickr?

To create a photo album on the Yahoo Flickr service you first need to upload files and these are several ways to do this.

  • Upload directly from your computer using the Flickr upload page.
  • Use Flickr Uploadr which is a small application available for both Windows and Mac computers.
  • Send photo to your account via email.
  • With various free third-party programs and utilities.
  • From your cell phone through email or a dedicated application. For example, there are tens of Flickr applications for the iPhone that will upload a photograph to your account.

Basic editing functions can be performed once the images are uploaded on your Yahoo photo album. The photos can then be organized into sets and collections. A set is a group of photos while a collection can be a group of sets or even a group of collections. You can use sets to perform batch functions. Thus, all photos in the chosen set can be geotagged in one quick step. The sets and collections are essentially your Yahoo photo albums and these can be made private or public.

You can also create a slideshow of the Flickr sets using services such as Flickr Slideshow or flickrSLiDR.

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