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In the past few days, I’ve received several emails regarding a Yahoo Mail spell checker problem. Users seem to be troubled with the non-functional nature of the feature and have been looking desperately for solutions. Here are some of the complaints:

“My spell check doesn’t work anymore. In my emails, misspelled words are highlighted in red and a drop down menu gives suggestions, but I can’t make the corrections anymore. And I can’t directly change the misspelled word as long as it is underlined in red. I have to send the email to myself to get rid of the red underlining and then manually change each incorrect word myself before sending.”
Rosie-marie Seawall

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“In the past when I click on one of the auto-suggested words, it automatically replaces the mis-spelled word in the email. But not of late. Now I have to manually correct the word which is very time consuming.”

“Yahoo Mail spell checker has a problem and is not working on my emails. When I click on the “Spelling” icon, I get disconnected from the messenger and the feature does not work. There are no corrections being made.”

“I can’t use Yahoo Mail spell checker properly after composing my e-mail. I click on the icon, the wrong words are highlighted with red underline. When choosing the correct word I still get the wrong one with the red line.”

“My Yahoo account have been developing a problem day after day of not checking / correcting spelling mistakes.

These are just five of the many emails I received. It seems like this spell checker problem has affected many subscribers. However, when I tried this out on my Yahoo account I didn’t face any difficulty in identifying incorrect words and changing them.

Yahoo! Mail spell check problem - Its not working

Solving the Yahoo Mail spell checker problem

But, if the Yahoo mail spell check feature is not working properly on your account here are a few things I suggest:

FYI, I checked the Yahoo spell checker problem when working on the Google Chrome web browser from both Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.