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Using your free Yahoo email account, you can send email messages in both plain text and rich text formats. The latter options allows you to change font color, size, format, font face, apply free Yahoo stationery (not stationary!) and much more.

On this page we shall explore how to send fancy email messages using Yahoo. The instructions have been worked using the All-new Mail Yahoo version so if you are using the Classic, I suggest you switch to the new interface.

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First we need to make sure that Rick Text email format option is on. Does your new email message tab window look similar to one below… with the toolbar? If not, you are working in plain text mode. Please click on the blue colored “Rich Text” link located to the right of the email subject field.

The Rich Text email toolbar with its several icons for formatting the message

You should see the free Yahoo stationery panel on the right and the toolbar with several icons just above the large text box.

Let us explore the different icons in this toolbar.

Important points when using the rich text option in Yahoo

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