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WordPress spam blocked!

WordPress spam blocked!

This is a follow up to what I wrote in an earlier post on how to stop spam on your WordPress blog by using reCAPTCHA security text. So was this plugin able to block WordPress spam?? Did the wavy security text prevent the automated programs that were filling my inbox with unsolicited messages concerning “manhood” pills? Here are the results after a couple of weeks.

WordPress spam problem solved!

WordPress problem solved with reCAPTCHA plugin

The blog section wasn’t getting many visitors – about 400 per day. The spam rate on this WordPress installation had however reached very high levels. I was getting more than 100 comments submitted by automatons – refer image above. Once reCAPTCHA plugin was made active, this number dropped to 2 each day – the WordPress spam problem was solved. Hurray!

WordPress spam blocked by reCAPTCHA 2 word security text

Obviously, nothing is perfect. We can’t expect reCAPTCHA to block all the WordPress spam comments. But it has done a stupendous job without doubts. And the best part – it was so easy to implement! FTPed the plugin files to the web server, activated it and supplied the API keys. Though I had been using reCAPTCHA on this web site for years, this was the first time I put it in a WordPress blog and it worked like a charm – Brilliant!

Conclusion: I advise all WordPress bloggers to set up the reCAPTCHA plugin because it will block most of the spam comments.

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