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Spell check emails in Windows Mail

Spell check emails in Windows Mail

This article details how you can enable spell check in Windows Mail for all outgoing emails. Windows Mail is a free email client that comes with the Vista operating system. It can be considered a better and improved version of the popular Outlook Express software.

Its main function is sending and receiving emails from your computer. Additionally, the software allows you to configure multiple accounts, which means, you are able to collect email messages from different accounts at one place – your computer.

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Importance of checking for spelling mistakes in emails

Many mistake email communication as less formal than the written letter. This is wrong but pardonable as the ease of composing and sending emails belies their importance. However, nowadays, almost all communication can be initiated and completed online and I am sure you would have noticed this change in your life too – When was the last time you wrote someone a letter? Give this medium a decade or so and I am sure it would completely replace hardcopy letters (guess, after a few decades there won’t be many trees left to cut).

Emails are fast becoming as important as “formal letters” since one is able to guarantee delivery and receipt (if due care is taken). Hence the need to formulate the email message correctly is paramount.

The acceptance and importance of email communication should prompt you not to have a lackadaisical approach. One should ideally check emails for any spelling or grammar mistakes and this is not a task one likes to do willingly. However, most email clients, including Windows Mail, come with a built in spell check. This automated way to check for errors is a great time saver and not many know about it because it is switched off by default.

Checking for spelling mistakes in email messages before sending

In order to activate the spell check option in Windows Mail, go to “Tools” -> “Options”.

Activating the spell check feature in Windows Mail Vista

Under the “Spelling” tab, check the “Always check spelling before sending” checkbox. You can also configure certain ignore options and choose your language.

Various spell check options in Windows Mail email client

Once you are done, click on the “Apply” button and then the “OK” button.

Now all outgoing emails will be checked for spelling mistakes.

By the way, unlike MS Word, for example, spell check for emails in Windows Mail is not in real time i.e. the software will not inform you of any errors while you compose the message. Only when you want to send it, will Windows Mail pop up the “Spelling” box and prompt you choose an alternative/correct word.

Spell check emails in action on Windows Mail

You can choose to Ignore, Change, Add or Cancel the suggested change.

Checking your emails for spelling and grammatical errors will take you take you one-step closer in composing correct and professional email messages.

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