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How do I make Windows Live Mail look like Windows Mail?

How do I make Windows Live Mail look like Windows Mail?

I’ve got a new computer, a Windows 7 laptop. It has Windows Live Mail program which I have begun using; thanks for putting up simple instructions for beginners like us. But I certainly miss my old Windows Mail software. Is there a way Windows Live Mail can be made to look like Windows Mail?
Irene Ouma

Windows Live Mail is the new email client from Microsoft and differs markedly from the programs it replaces – Outlook Express (XP) and Windows Mail (Vista). The differences are, however, cosmetic; the basic functionality remains the same.

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Here are simple instructions on how to make Windows Live Mail look like Windows Mail (Vista) program.

Change Windows Live Mail layout to look like that of Windows Mail Vista

Windows Live Mail has many options by which you can change the layout. You can tweak these to get the interface you want. It may not look exactly like your old Window Mail Vista program but will be quite close! Anyway, here are the steps:

  1. Use the “Alt-M key combination and then select “Show Menu Bar“. This brings up the Windows Live Mail toolbar which is hidden by default.
  2. From the menus drop down, choose “Layout” which pops up a small window. This is where we shall be choosing the different options so that Windows Live Mail on your computers looks like Windows Mail Vista.
  3. In the “Reading pane (Mail)” section, make sure “Show the reading pane” is selected and then check “At the bottom of the message list“.
  4. From “Message list” pick the “One-line view” option.
  5. The “Folder pane” is the left-most column and shows the list of folders in Windows Live Mail. You can get rid of “Show Quick views” if you think it’s a hindrance… I find it very useful. Uncheck “Use compact view for Folder pane” and check “Use compact shortcuts“. The choice of displaying Windows Live Mail “Storage folders is entirely yours.
  6. Make sure “Show message headers in the reading pane” is checked under “Message header (Mail).

You can also change Windows Live Mail colors but not all shades will work. This has led to a lot of aggravation; to know more, check out color problem in Windows Live Mail post.

Finally, just like it’s predecessors, Windows Live Mail too can present all email in one folder. This Windows Live Mail inbox may help save time, especially when you have many accounts set up in the client.

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  • Michael Viles on December 19th, 2010 7:29 pm

    Thanks. I could change the view on incoming mail to be the same as Windows Mail. Windows Mail would list all the incoming mail showing Sender, subject and date. You could delete or read without scrolling through the mail. I’ve got it now in Windows Live Mail.

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