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Windows 7 browser program

Windows 7 browser program

A good friend of mine advised that I should have Firefox as the Windows 7 browser. But I am kind of used to Internet Explorer. Are there any major advantages in shifting to a different program?
Jonathan Calecas

Jonathan, I’d like to give you unbiased advice but that’s really difficult because nothing in this world is subjective! Anyway, it’s fine to use Internet Explorer as the Windows 7 browser because more than half the world employs this program to surf the web – check the web browser statistics.

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Having said that, your friend is not entirely wrong and his advice holds a good bit of value.

You see, Internet Explorer has had a very bad history of being susceptible to hacker attacks, viruses and worms. It’s certainly not the safest web browser program to work on and the fact that it’s very tightly integrated with the operating system makes the situation worse.

Microsoft is in a constant fight with nefarious programmers who exploit security holes in its software. So if you do want to have Internet Explorer as the default Windows 7 browser, make sure it’s the latest version and remember to turn on the automatic updates feature for the operating system.

What about other Windows 7 browser programs?

As you would probably know, Internet Explorer is just one of many web browsers. A few months back, I ran a poll on this web site asking people to cast a vote for the best web browser – click that link to know the (tongue-in-cheek) results. Internet Explorer and Firefox are certainly the most used programs but the other alternatives – Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Opera are not bad at all.

My favourite is Chrome, Google’s free web browser, and I never grow tired of praising the program and doing my bit to make it more popular (that is why my advice cannot be unbiased). I used to work with Internet Explorer, shifted to Firefox, then back to I.E. But ever since I downloaded and installed Chrome, which was more than a year back, I’ve been more than satisfied. In fact, the Chrome browser was the first software I installed on my Windows 7 laptop.

Why do I have Chrome as the default browser on my Windows 7 computer?
It wasn’t a single thing that won my heart. I loved the clean interface, super quick loading and enhanced security. And as I used Chrome more and more, I realized the amount of ‘intelligence’ that has gone into making this piece of software. The browser has ever crashed on my computer – unlike Internet Explorer. Chrome also loads faster than any other browser and can show tens of tabs without problem unlike Firefox which consumes quite a bit of memory. Here are some articles on Chrome:

The other browsers you can try on Windows 7 are Opera and Apple Safari. People also rave about KMeleon but I won’t advice it for Windows 7 64-bit.

Conclusion: There is no harm in trying a new browser program… you may just like it more than Internet Explorer. If not, simply uninstall it.

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  • Arne Johansson on April 7th, 2010 10:36 am

    Chrome is really fast on Windows 7. I also have Opera and it works well, but I like Chrome as the browser on Windows 7.

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