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What is wrong with Yahoo mail? Troubleshooting tips

What's wrong with Yahoo email?

This page has advice and troubleshooting tips on how to pinpoint issues plaguing your Yahoo mail account.

Correctly identifying a problem goes a long way in arriving at an answer… and this is applicable for everything in life. Also, if you are looking for solutions on the web, it is best to provide details so that others can understand the problem and provide accurate troubleshooting tips. For instance, asking “what is wrong with Yahoo Mail?” on forums or the Yahoo support section will seldom prompt people to help you.

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Is Yahoo email having problems?

Millions upon millions of people use the email service from Yahoo and these include free users and Yahoo business email subscribers. The service is quite reliable but can have problems from time to time. The first step is to spot how you are affected. There can be three scenarios:

  • The entire Yahoo Mail network is down: Chances of this happening are really remote; and with millions of users in distress, you can rest assured that people at Yahoo would be working very hard to get all the service back in order. I suggest waiting for a few minutes and checking out your account again.
  • A few Yahoo email accounts seem to be having problems: Such issues may affect hundreds, sometimes thousands, of subscribers and are resolved fairly quickly. Again, Yahoo technicians would most likely be aware of the problems so try to access your account in a few minutes.
    Example: The Yahoo spell checker problem left many users distressed for several days even though the technical staff knew about it. I agree this was not a big deal – at least it might have prompted some people to learn how to spell properly.
  • Seems only you are having account access problems: I suggest you go through the troubleshooting tips on this page before contacting the Yahoo support.
    The LaunchOutage error because of which I couldn’t login at Yahoo is a case in point. Thankfully, it was temporary and I was able to get to the Inbox after a wait of about 15 minutes.

How can I know the severity of the problem – is it just affecting my account or others too?
If you asked this question after reading the points above, great! It shows your mind is open and you are ready to work out a solution. The best way to know if Yahoo email is having problems is to visit the Yahoo answers or search for the same on the web – Ask other Yahoo! Mail users. Remember to check the date when the question was asked.

Why can’t I access my Yahoo account today?

For problems at Yahoo that affect multiple accounts, I suggest waiting for some time before trying again. But if it looks like you’ve been singled out, here are a few things you should try when accessing your Yahoo account:

  • Ensure you are on the legitimate Yahoo login web page and not on a phishing web site – check the URL in the browser address bar.
  • Is Caps-Lock on by mistake? Yahoo account password is case-sensitive. Accidental key press on Caps-Lock (which is a toggle switch) will make small letter capitals and vice versa.
  • Are you using the correct ID-password combination? Password of an account will probably not work with different ID. It might so happen that someone else has used your computer to access their account and their ID is being “auto-filled” in the sign in page. Use the “Login as a different user” feature and then try again with the correct ID and password combination.

Other issues with Yahoo

Yahoo mail takes long time to load

Most common cause is slow internet connection speed at your end. Try opening other web sites and also perform an internet speed check – contact the Internet service Provider (ISP) if necessary.

Also, you can change the Yahoo version to Classic Mail interface which is supposedly “optimized” for older computers with slower net connections.

Yahoo is blocking my email

The reasons why Yahoo is blocking your email may be varied. Maybe your email or I.P. address would be identified as one that sends out spam. I suggest contacting the Yahoo support for further help. Also, the Yahoo automated spam filter can be triggered when there is little text in the email or the message contains certain flagged words.

Use a different browser or switch Yahoo interface versions

Many times certain unspecific problems in the Yahoo email account can be resolved by deleting the cache of the web browser, using a different browser program or simply switching from one Yahoo interface version to another. You should try the above when the basic functionality of the account falters like problems in reading and previewing messages, non-responsive web pages, web browser crashes, disappearance of the Yahoo toolbar, issues with email attachments etc.

There is delay in receiving email at your Yahoo account

The main cause of delay in receiving email at Yahoo account is a busy server – either outgoing or the incoming server.

Where can I find Yahoo support and help?

In my opinion, Yahoo email is probably the best email service in the world – there is a lot of help and support and it’s easily available. Each page has a “Help” link clicking on which will display a drop down. Please select the appropriate option. You can also call Yahoo support and help numbers (the Yahoo Hotline) at 1-866-562-7219, 1-800-699-2466 or 1-866-562-7249. In fact, sometimes it’s a good idea to pick up the phone so that the Yahoo staff knows and understands a problem thoroughly.

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  • herman brumit on June 9th, 2017 3:28 pm

    no yahoo/att.net email. 4 days and counting

  • Mary Stone on July 19th, 2017 2:06 am

    Yahoo password has not been working, and says password accepted, then when i get to Yahoo,mail page , states password not accepted!

  • Cathy Kays on July 21st, 2017 12:40 pm

    Couldn’t sign in. Asked me to change password. Didn’t want to but I did. Now my mail doesn’t work on anything I have.

  • Manish Sharma on July 21st, 2017 8:44 pm

    You would need to update the password on all devices on which you receive mail

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