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Web site search engines

Web site search engines

SpaceSurfer MiniSearch

With this service you can create a search engine for your web site. The minisearch web site search engine is hosted by SpaceSurfer and does not need any programming knowledge. You don’t need to install any software just pasting of HTML code. Also, you can customize the look and feel and use your own logo on the search results page.


Here is how you can easily create a web site search engine. Crawl-it offers free text search, customizable layout, site map and “What’s New” page generation, multi-language service and support, reports and statistics of the searches performed. You can restrict crawl-it for searches to specific content areas on your web site.

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The search results page can be changed to match the look and feel of your web site and the search query is highlighted so that users know the relevance of search results. The Free & Fun package allows for indexing of up to 400 pages that can be re-indexed monthly. However, the free version does not support indexing of PDF files.

Innerprise’s ES.NET

ES.NET 2004 is a full-text indexing crawler and search engine. With ES.NET 2004, documents are crawled and indexed from your Intranet, Web Site, the Web, and local/network file system. Only documents matching your specifications are indexed. ES.NET 2004 consists of a Windows Service, a Web Application, and a Search Application. ES.NET 2004 supports common file types through the use of IFilters, including HTML, XML, Microsoft Word (.DOC), Microsoft Excel (.XLS), Adobe Acrobat (.PDF), MP3 ID3v1 & ID3v2 (.MP3), and Rich Text Format (.RTF).

Additional file types can be added upon request. Crawling and index updating can be automated using the built-in scheduler. Once setup, it can automatically crawl and index without any user interaction. Simply set it up once and then forget about it – your search engine will always be up-to-date. ES.NET 2004 supports both Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.


HomepageSearchEngine is a Google-like full-text search engine system that can search all text files on your web site whether it runs static or dynamic web pages. The query is highlighted in the results page as well within the found files. The web site search script supports different categories, Boolean search (logical operators for each search term individually), phrases, wildcards, selectable search sources and restrictive search options. If you run a large web site you can create an index or have the script search pages on-the-fly for smaller web sites.
Cost: Has a freeware version as well as a paid Pro version

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