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Of all the web browsers, Internet Explorer seems to be the most detested. Let’s start with a couple of funny images that aptly describe that browser.

Why do people use Internet Explorer web browser?

Ever since it dislodged Netscape Navigator from the top spot in the late 90s, Internet Explorer has been reigning the web browser field. But did you know that it’s also the #1 browser for downloading other browsers? Apparently, that’s the only reason why some people use it.

The only thing Internet Explorer is good at... Funny browser imageSource

Internet Explorer - the number 1 browser for downloading other web browsersSource

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Internet Explorer 6 cannot play with other web browsers

The other web browsers, including I.E. 7, won’t have anything to do with Internet Explorer 6 which, unfortunately, is still being used by a sizeable percentage of users. Pity.

Internet Explorer wants to play with other web browsersSource

How did Google come up with the Chrome logo?

As per the following graphics, there was little originality involved in designing the Chrome web browser logo. Apparently it was simply a mashup of Pokemon and the Windows logo.

Chrome logo inspired from PokemonSource

Chrome logo from WindowsSource

Comparison of browser speeds

Comparisons of web browser speeds based on modes of transportation and animals.

Comparison of web browsers speedsSource

Comparison of popular web browser with animal speedsSource

Web browser and chairs

How do the five popular web browsers sit beside chairs? We need a La-Z-Boy fitted with a jet engine at the bottom for Chrome and not a potty training seat.

Popular web browsers and how they compare to chairs - funny geeky jokeSource

The primary user base of different web browsers

Primary user base of popular web browsersSource

Web browsers and celebrities

A cool infographic comparing two disparate ‘entities’ – web browsers and celebrities.

What if web browsers were celebrities - a funny infographic: geek humorSource

And what if web browsers were women?

This is kind of risqué and probably not fit for family viewing. Anyhow, if web browsers were women…

If web browsers were women - a funny chart comparing different browsers to different types of womenSource

Identify the web browser – a fun game for the family

More than the graphic, it was the heading that make me laugh out loud. I actually played this ‘game’ with my 9 year old who is quite a geek (thanks to his dad, ahem!). He spent a little extra time on the last one but was finally able to guess it correctly. We are all Chrome users in our family.

Identify the web browser - a fun game for the entire familySource

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