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How do I update / change contact info in WHOIS database?

Thanks to you, I came to know of the WHOIS database. I checked up my domain name and have noticed that the phone numbers need to be updated. How do I change the contact information of my domain name on the WHOIS database?
Roger Hatfield

Remember the company from whom you bought the domain name? That’s precisely where you go to change the contact information in the WHOIS database. Thus, the registrar also provides the tools via which you can manage the domain name.

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Contact information on WHOIS: How to change and update your domain name details

I’m sure you already know that it’s really important to keep the contact info associated with the domain name up-to-date. So if you’ve spotted a mistake or there is something that needs to be revised, simply login at your account and change the information.

The following instructions to update and change the contact information at WHOIS are from Network Solutions, the world’s first and best domain name registrar. If you are using another company, the steps will probably work for you too, though with minor changes.

By the way, you can get domain names a tad cheaper through other providers but the few extra dollars you spend on Network Solutions goes a long way in keeping your most important online asset safe and secure. And you’ll also be getting a whole lot of features and goodies with the domain name.

  • Login at your account at the domain name registrar
  • The account is loading on successful sign in
  • Continue to the Account Manager
  • Locate the Edit WHOIS or equivalent link / button
  • Select the domain name for which you want to update the WHOIS information
  • Two types of WHOIS contacts - Administrative and Technical
  1. Login at your account at the registrar (e.g. Network Solutions) using the username and password provided when you bought the domain name [Slides 1 and 2].
  2. Have you forgotten the login information? You can have it sent to the email address specified in the WHOIS records.
  3. What if the email address has expired or no longer in use? In such situations, the domain name registrar may require you to submit a detailed form via fax or, better still, speak to someone in the customer support department. Unfortunately, the procedure varies from company to company so I won’t be able to help you with the exact details.
  4. Anyway, on successful login, move to the “Account Manager” (or equivalent) section [Slide 3].
  5. Locate the “Edit WHOIS” or similar link [Slide 4]. It may be in a drop down menu.
  6. Select the domain for which you want to update change the contact information in the WHOIS database [Slide 5].
  7. There are two types of WHOIS contacts – Technical and Administrative. You can choose to edit either of these or both of them together. Make sure the Administrative contact is in your name. Choose your option [Slide 6] and move to the edit screen to make the modifications.

Please understand that changes to the WHOIS database may take anywhere between 24 to 72 hours.

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