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I have two email addresses at Yahoo. I want to delete one and keep the other. Will removing one affect the other? And if so what is the best solution for me?
Dora Nava

Since you have written from a Yahoo ID, I assume the two email addresses are at this very service. Generally, cancelling a Yahoo email account should not affect the other as long as the two email addresses are unlinked. Confused? Let me explain this further.

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A second Yahoo email comes with the first

When you make a Yahoo email address, you can add another one quickly via the “Options” section without filling up the lengthy registration form all over again. In fact, I consider it the proper way to change a Yahoo email address and it results in the two email addresses being linked to each other. Any way, not many people know about this so I suppose you won’t too!

Thus, chances are that you had created another Yahoo email by going over the registration process afresh which makes the two accounts unrelated. You can safely get rid of one without affecting the other. And even if the two Yahoo email addresses are linked, go to the “Options” -> “Accounts” section and make the account you want to retain as default and delete the other.

When the two email addresses are at different services

When the two email addresses you use are at different services there is no problem in removing the unwanted one. But before you proceed, make sure the two are not ‘connected’ in any manner. For example, an account could have been provided as the alternate email address for the other during the registration process or some email forwarding has been set up. Make necessary changes so that you are safe and secure once you get rid of the second email address.

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