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The Telus email login page is the gateway to the webmail interface with which you can check the email account from any computer. As long as there is an active net connection you would be able to get access to the messages from any location.

The Telus login page is quite similar to other email services like Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail (now It has two fields – one for the username and the other for the password. Additionally, you can check the “Remember Me” box so that you wouldn’t have to type in the login details each time you want to access the email messages.

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Telus login page

Fire up your web browser and point it to or simply click on that link. You would be shown a page similar to one below.

Telus login page

Type in the username and the account password and hit the prominent log-in button. You can also enter your Telus email address in place of the username.

At the time of writing, the Telus login page comes in two versions – the Classic and the New Telus. It’s hard to say which is better… you are free to use the one you feel comfortable with. However, it’s likely that the older version is removed in the days to come – the old order changeth, giving place to new and all that.

On successful login, you shall be taken to the Telus webmail section which allows you to manage the email account from the comfort of the familiar browser program.

The Telus login page can also be accessed from Click the “Telus webmail” or equivalent link on the page to display the login fields.

If you’ve forgotten the password or the username, Telus provides helpful links on the account login page – For instance, in case you cannot remember the password, click the “Forgot your password” link and provide your username and answer to the security question. The service will send a temporary password to your alternate email address which you can then use on the Telus email login page. Remember to change the temporary password.

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