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How do I check Telus email from another computer?

How do I check Telus email from another computer?

The simplest way to get your Telus email on another computer is to use the webmail interface. This will work from any computer located anywhere in the world. Here is how you go about it.

Get Telus email via webmail on another computer

There are two ways to check email on another computer – Telus webmail and email programs. As mentioned above, the first option is the easier of the two and this is what I shall be detailing on this page.

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Though there are many advantages of email programs, using them to access your Telus email account on another computer is not only complicated but requires a lot of housekeeping functions once the work is over.

  • Launch the web browser software. Depending on the operating system that runs on the machine, you can choose one of the popular web browsers – Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera.
    What if your favourite web browser is not installed?
    The Telus webmail interface will probably look exactly the same on other programs.
  • The Telus login page is located at webmail.telus.net. Type that URL in the address bar and hit the enter key.
    Get Telus email on another computer via webmail
  • Provide your Telus email account username and password to gain access to the messages and contacts data on the other computer.

Important: Clean the web browser history and delete the cache. This will help you keep the email private and secure.

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