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From humble beginnings, blogging has become a worldwide phenomenon. Everyone seems to be doing it – from a junkyard owner in Texas to prominent personalities. This should be enough of an indication that one doesn’t need much technical knowledge in order to start blogging.

In fact, the only requirement is the ability to use a computer and the internet at a basic level. If you can find your way around the internet (i.e. surf web sites) and use an email service such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail, creating and maintaining a blog web site should pose no problems.

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I’m sure you’ve heard of people who make tens of thousands of dollar each month with their blogs. Were all these people computer geniuses when they started? NO; and most still do not know computer programming or even how their blog web site works – that’s the truth… the whole truth! So how did they do it? How was it that their blog generates tons of money? The bloggers who struck it rich had something to tell the world – experiences or thoughts that helped others because of which the blogs became mega successes.

Each of us has had varied happenings in life which have moulded us into what we are. These events have also taught us things others do not know. Blogging is all about sharing this information with the world. No blogger makes money from day one but as long as you diligently work on your blog web site and interact with the online community, you should be able to generate a fair bit of money in a couple of years – sometimes even in a few months. Let us see how to go about

How to create a blog web site

The first step is, obviously, to create a blog web site – refer that link for steps by step instructions including screenshots. Since you’re just starting out, I suggest you use a free service such as Blogger to make your blog. Once you get to know a little more and (more importantly) continue with blogging, you can shift your site to a proper address, if you so want. You don’t need to spend a cent to make your blog on Google Blogger. All that is required is a free Google account which takes a couple of minutes to make and you can then jump straight it.

Start blogging by writing your first blog post

Once you make your blog on Blogger (refer that page for details), you are all set to start blogging. Log in at your account, if you aren’t already in it and then move to the “Dashboard” – you’ll find a link to it near the top right. Now click on the “New Post” link to write your first blog post.

The Blogger dashboard page - start on your first blog post

You’ll find yourself in the “Create” section under the “Posting” tab. Assuming you are itching to spread your thoughts to the world, you would already have formulates what you want to write in the first blog post. Type in a Blog Title and then move to the big text box. Write as much as you want and don’t worry if it’s not very coherent because you can always edit it later… even immediately after posting.

Write your first post at Blogger and publish it

Start by publishing your first blog post

Once you are satisfied (advice: nothing is perfect and you are not required to be an expert) hit the “Publish Post” button. You also have an option of saving it which you can then later make available on your blog. But, as of now, just go ahead and tell the world what you want to say.

Your post has now been published - Blogger confirmation message

Blogger displays a confirmation message once your first blog post is published… congratulations! Dance and celebrate – gets the brain cells working for the next post, which, if you so want, can be put up right away. You can even see how your blog looks – hit the “View Blog” link. Here is what I posted – I selected a layout template with pastels dots:

A screenshot of the first blog post in Blogger

Conclusion: Getting a blog web site and publishing your first post was the first step – welcome to the great world of blogging. To monetise your blog you have to make it well known and keep working at it. Find more help on these topics by searching Google and best of luck!

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