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Standard Animated Gif Banner Sizes

Standard Animated Gif Banner Sizes

Below are some of the standard animated gif banner sizes used on web pages. It is a sort of convention to develop banners based on these sizes; however, you are not bound by these dimensions, as it were. Two other sizes for animated gif banners are also in use: 350×300 and 720×300. These are generally not used on web pages but as pop-up or pop-under ads displayed in separate browser windows.

The standard sizes for banners have been formulated by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Full Banner - 468 X 60 pixels
Vertical banner - 120 X 240 pixels Button 1 - 120 X 90 pixels

Button 2 - 120 X 60 pixels

Micro button - 88 X 31 pixels

Wide Skyscraper - 160 X 600 pixels
Half banner - 234 X 60 pixels

Square Button - 125 X 125 pixels

Rectangle - 180 X 150 pixels

Skyscraper - 120 X 600 pixels Square pop-up - 250 X 250 pixels

Vertical Rectangle - 240 X 400 pixels

Medium Rectangle - 300 X 250 pixels
Large Rectangle - 336 X 280 pixels

The other two common banner sizes are:

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