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Load Hotmail inbox directly – skip the MSN Today page

Skip MSN Today page

Do you want the Hotmail inbox to load immediately when you log in at your account instead of the MSN Today page? If so, you can quickly get rid of this page… in fact, remove it altogether and skip directly to your email messages list. By modifying Hotmail settings you can send the MSN Today page to “never-never-return-land” and in this article I’m going to tell you how to do that!

What is the MSN Today page?

The MSN Today page is splash screen that has images and links of the present day’s happenings which Hotmail (or Windows Live Hotmail, if you like) thinks might interest you. The links and images you see on this page are targeted to your profile (your age and preferences) and geographical location.

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So if you are in the U.S., you would probably see a completely different set of images and links on the MSN Today page than what is displayed to me in India – refer image below.

The MSN Today page displayed instead of the Hotmail inbox with the email listing

I have to admit, the links are certainly attention grabbing and so are the images. Occasionally, I have clicked on a news link to know more but the images, especially the main big one, frequently have a scantily clad nymphet in a typical “see-more-of-me” pose. I am not repulsed (a strong word definitely) by such images but certainly don’t want them dressing my Hotmail inbox. And if you feel like me, I understand! Here are instructions on how to get rid of the MSN Today page by changing Hotmail settings

Skip the MSN Today page – go directly to the Hotmail inbox

Log in to your Hotmail account. When you get to the MSN Today page, scroll down to the nondescript link at the bottom of the page and then click on it – refer image below.

Click on the Hotmail settings link at the bottom to begin the process of skipping the MSN Today page

In the following screen, you get to choose between two options and selecting “Skip the Today page and take me straight to my inbox” is a no brainer. Remember to click on the “Save” button to confirm your selection and getting rid of the MSN Today page.

Select the second option - Skip the Today page and take me straight to my inbox - to get rid of the MSN Today page the next time you log in

If, for any reason, you want the MSN Today page back, you can change the options for the Today page under Hotmail settings.

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