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The need to shorten URLs arose many years ago when people started to create free web sites on popular services such as Geocities (owned by Yahoo and now discontinued… R.I.P.) and Xoom. The web addresses given by these services were long and unwieldy, almost impossible for people to recall. And, thus, the shorten URL services were born.

Nowadays, however, people shorten the URL primarily for micro blogging; eg. Twitter posts. Most of the services listed below require no sign up which means you can get a shortened URL in a few seconds – simply provide the longer version and have the service decrease the length substantially.

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By the way, not only is the www prefix is removed, but the entire web address is changed and herein lies a little disadvantage in shortening your URL.

bit.lyThe default URL shortener used by Twitter makes the most popular service for decreasing the length of a long web address.

TinyURL.comThe custom alias feature option on TinyURL lets you create (to a certain degree), the shortened form of a long URL you’ve submiited. How does that help? You can come up with user-friendly URLs such as which is a short address for this page.

Ow.lyRequires you to decipher the two words of RECAPTCHA before you can get the shortened URL.


budurlAnalytics for your web site in addition to the feature of shortening URLs. You need to sign up for an account (not free, at the time of writing). Not worth the effort and the money if you just want to shorten URLs quickly.


TinyQuickly convert a long URL into a tiny one using the aptly named service.
Tiny will choose a domain name or ask you to do so (only in case of availability). Provide the URL you want to shorten, decipher the CAPTCHA puzzle and get your customized domain.

is.gdCompress that long web address using Enter one in the field and hit the button.
Create short URLs and also take advantage of web site analytics offered by this

Google url shortener

Google url shortenerAvailable only for Google products and not for the general public. The hallmarks of this service are stability, security and speed.
Google url shortener is actually an offshoot of the popular URL shortening service. It helps you save a couple of characters off a Twitter post.

Clicky.meYou need a Clicky web analytics account to use the service, which, in my opinion, is a good idea because it thwarts spammers. URL shorteners like and have been closed due to excessive abuse. Anyway, the main advantage of using is the extensive amount of data you get from visitors after they arrive at your web site.


SnipurlSimple and easy way to convert your long URLs into short ones.
Snipurl also gives you a password through which you can get stats for the given URL.

sn.imPowered by SnipURL service (above) – gives you a slightly shorter URL.


SimURLSimURL shortens the URL and also helpfully shows a screen capture of the page. Nice!


YourlsWith the help of Yourls, you can run your own URL shortening service! Since it’s developed in PHP you can get it to work on almost all servers. A WordPress plugin is also available.


doiopSubmit your long URL, decode the two words and get a shortened web address.

W3T.orgThe Advanced option lets you choose a custom name in the shortened URL. Check it out – works well.

Metamark Shorten Service

Metamark Shorten ServiceGives you the ability to have a custom short URL with a privacy code.
Metamark Shorten Service

Moourl.comBeef up (pun intended) your online marketing efforts with a smaller URL… simply Moo it! will milk the web address you provide shortening it considerably.

Some more URL shortening services

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Motigo ShortURLs

Decreasing the length of a web address may be good for micro-blogging (eg: Twitter), but this practice should be avoided for all other scenarios as there are some very clear disadvantages of shortening URLs.

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