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Shifting from Windows to Mac

Shifting from Windows to a Mac

I got a brand new MacBook Pro laptop a month back and I’m still learning how to work on it. Having been on Windows for doggone years, everything seems very new, the interface of the various software, the software themselves and, especially, the position of certain keys.

I was a prolific user of keyboard shortcuts (Control-C, Control-V, Control-Z…) on Windows. Since the Mac Command key, which replaces the Windows Control key, is shifted more to the right of the keyboard, I’m getting extremely frustrated – end up holding down the fn key instead of Command.

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Mac keyboard

I’m an impatient chap (aren’t we all) and type fast (as in very fast), these small changes are irritating me. Having said that, I am in love with the Mac keyboard – it’s just so flush compared to the one on my Vaio – and the keys get pressed so smoothly.

I still use the old Windows computer every day because I feel comfortable with the familiarity probably (also, and it still has most of my data). Anyway, I suppose getting used to the Macbook is just a matter of time. I estimate that a permanent shift to the new Mac computer would take a couple of months.

And as I make the gradual shift from Windows to Mac and discover new things, I’ll keep posting tips and tutorials.

So welcome to my notes on the journey of shifting from Windows to Mac.

Update: 8 months later

I’ve stopped using the Windows computer altogether. It’s been 5 months now. So the permanent shift from Windows to Mac took about 3 months; got used to the Mac keyboard shortcuts in a month’s time.
I did face any problems during this period? Quick answer. NO!

Children happy with a MacBook

In fact, I now love the Mac because it gives me more control over things – and just like in the real world, you need to know where to look and what to press to “real” get control. (Smile).

Remember, I had no experience working on the Mac – none, zilch, nada! it was like a completely new territory for me. OK, maybe not completely new because I did work on Unix years back. Mac OS X, you see, is based on Unix.

Even so, I had to learn even small things like how to take a screenshot on a Mac. The new laptop is all set now – MySQL and PHP have been installed and are running smoothly. On the whole, it has been a pleasant journey and one from which I’ve learnt a lot and buying a Mac instead of a Windows PC worked out very well for me.

Feel free to explore this section, especially, if you too are making the shift from a Windows to Mac. Let me know what kind of problems you’ve had and how you solved them.

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