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Sending email error – number 0X800CCC0B

Sending email error - number 0X800CCC0B

I have a new laptop with Windows Live Mail. Though the program receives mail without problems, I keep getting a sending email error. Configured the incoming and outgoing servers as per instructions from the ISP but Windows Live Mail refuses to send email. Messages keep lying in the Outbox and I have to delete them manually. I’ve tried everything the ISP support told me and it hasn’t worked.
Joyce Macdonald

There can be any number of reasons why you are getting a sending email error in Windows Live Mail (or other Microsoft email clients such as Outlook Express). Typically, the error message also contains an error number but these are generally esoteric and offer little or no help. On this page we shall be tackling the 0X800CCC0B error number.

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How to solve sending email error number 0X800CCC0B

Sending email error number 0X800CCC0B shown by Windows Live Mail. Outbox still contains the message

If you get a sending email error (number 0X800CCC0B) in Windows Live mail (as shown in the image above) or Outlook Express, here is a quick way to solve it. Please understand that this tip may not work, in which case I suggest contacting the ISP.

  • Open the email program – Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express.
  • Click on “Tools” -> “Accounts” -> “Mail“.
  • Select the account that’s giving you the sending email error. If you have multiple accounts and none of them send out messages, you have to change the settings for each.
  • Click the “Properties” button and move to the “Servers” tab.
  • Make sure the “Log on using clear text authentication” is selected and put a check mark for “My server requires authentication” – refer image below.
    Solution to the 0X800CCC0B-error-number in Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express
  • Click “Apply” followed by “OK“.

Most probably you won’t get a sending email error now. But as I mentioned at the start, the roots of this problem may lie elsewhere. So if you still cannot send email, please refer that link for further troubleshooting tips.

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