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How do I send an email to a group in Gmail?

How do I send an email to a group in Gmail?

There are many different ways to send email to multiple recipients – adding the addresses one by one in the “To:“, “Cc” or “Bcc” fields is fine for one time. But if you plan to send a message frequently to the same bunch of individuals, a more elegant approach is to group all the recipients. And in Gmail, you can do this quite easily. You need to put in your efforts only once and from then on it will be very convenient. Let us see how we can send a group email via Gmail.

Send email to same recipients by creating a group in Gmail Contacts

The time you invest in organizing the hundreds of Gmail contacts will pay great dividends in the form of convenience. Now there are two ways in which you can create a Gmail Contacts group (refer that link for step by step instructions and screenshots).

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You can start with an empty group and then select and move contacts into it. Or you can first select the contacts you want to bundle and then create the group. Either way, once this is done, sending an email to everyone in that group involves specifying only the group name in the To: field.

So you click on the “Compose Message” link to bring up the blank email form, enter the group name in the “To: field, type in the message and hit the send button. As you will understand, a big advantage of grouping Gmail contacts (apart from having the data organized) is the ease with which you are able to send a message to a bunch of people… especially when you plan to do this on a regular basis.

Send a group email from your Gmail account by first creating a Contacts group

Please also remember the same contact can belong to two or more groups. Thus, someone in your ‘Friends’ group can be in ‘Coworkers’ and in ‘Booze buddies’ groups too! This means if you are planning a get together at the local pub, you can call only your booze pals because not all your friends would like to get drunk silly!

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