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Matt’s Simple Search Script

The simple search script allows web site owners to set up a search on their site so their users could enter keywords and find all documents matching those keywords. It was written to be simple, so there are not many options. The results are returned in no real order and they are referenced with the <title> tag of that page.
Cost: FREE
Matt’s simple web site search script

Perlfect Search 3.31b

Perlfect Search under an open source license (GPL) is a pair of distinct scripts. The indexer, that automatically scans and indexes a web site, and the search engine, a cgi script that serves search queries for keywords over the index, and displays results pages in html, in a standard format including title, description and relevance ranking for each matching document.

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Advanced features include stopwords, a potent exclude mechanism and a handy automatic installation and configuration utility. The main features of the script are – indexing system with support for ranking, internationalization, highlighting of search terms in the results page, indexing via the local file system or via http, configurable list of stop words, indexing of PDF and MS-Word files (additional components required), creation of a log file to show what visitors searched for, fully configurable search results page and more.
Cost: FREE

WebSearch web site search engine script

WebSearch allows users to search for key words in documents located on your Web site. It searches the basic text of the documents, as well as ALT text and any information contained in META “keywords” and “description” tags. The script scores the match URLs based upon the frequency with which the requested key terms appear in the documents, and also lists the date on which each file was last modified. You can easily configure the number of matches to be displayed on each results page.
Cost: FREE

RiSearch web site search script

RiSearch is powerful and very fast search script, designed to works with hundreds megabytes of text data. New version of script is based on RiSearch Pro engine, but has lesser features. It’s wholly based on Perl and does not use a database or any libraries. The RiSearch web site search script works on different languages and uses platform independent binary files. The index can be created via the local filesystem or via http. You can also create a list of stop-words and the results page to match that of your web site. Results are sorted by relevancy, file size, date and keywords are highlighted in results page.
Cost: $25 for RiSearch and $50 (per license) for the Pro version
Web site search script from RiSearch

APB Systems

APB Search Pro 3.1 is a fully customizable site indexing and searching system for your web site. Easy to install with customizable output layout, APB Search Pro creates a log of the searches performed by users. You don’t need prior programming experience to work with APB Search Pro. The setup script first creates an index file on which the searches are performed. There is also a light version of APB Search that is free. The Pro version is shareware and costs $39.00. The light version does not have all the features of the pro.
Cost: Freeware (Light version) and Shareware (Pro version)

PSLightningSearch web site search script

PSLightningSearch is a powerful full-text search engine for your website. It supports an indexing option with which you create an index of all web pages on your site. Then, all searches are performed on the database file as opposed to on-the-fly which helps in faster display of search results.

The script allows you to specify which directories to search and which to exclude from searching. It also lets you specify individual documents that need to be excluded. You can create a list of keywords that will be ignored to speed up the searches. Records of the searches performed are created so that you know what visitors are searching for on your web site. Searches can be performed case sensitive or insensitive and on words, phrases etc.
Cost: $35

Dansie Search Engine 2.0

Dansie Search Engine is a web site search script written in CGI Perl and allows visitors to search your web site. The script runs on servers supporting Perl 4 or Perl 5 versions and requires four variables to be configured at the start. Other variables can later be configured to match the look and feel of your web site. Keywords found in search results are displayed in bold and the script maintains a log of what visitors searched for on your web site, which is helpful in understanding what visitors are interested in. Also, you can configure the web site search script to ignore certain directories and files.
Cost: $50 (one license)

Simiax F3DSearch web site search engine script

F3DSearch is a tool that allows for the creation and maintenance of specialized, horizontal portals. By running a hybrid search-engine and directory, F3DSearch provides the framework for the creation of a horizontal portal.
F3DSearch uses a link indexer to gather information about each web page included in the directory, saving time otherwise spent manually visiting sites and adding descriptions, keywords, etc. for a page.

Furthermore, the link indexer is frames compatible, meaning that it can index sites that use frames. It uses a proprietary database format that does not require external applications and allows for faster searches. The Simiax F3DSearch is fully customizable and includes advanced search functions such as Boolean searches using the tags “AND”, “OR”, and “NOT” as well as category specific searches.
Simiax F3DSearch

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