Search engine for web sites – Where to get one?

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ALeadSoft’s Search Engine Builder

The Search Engine Builder from ALeadSoft comes in two versions – the Standard and the Professional. The standard version allows you to index and search PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, RTF, TXT and several other file formats. It also enables you to create a search engine for searching local files and CD-ROMs.

The results page can be configured as per the look and feel of your website. Search Engine Builder Pro lets you to index and search large site with thousands and millions pages and generates site search script as ASP, PHP, Java Script etc. search engine builder

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mnoGoSearch search engine for your website

mnoGoSearch is a search engine for your intranet and Internet website. It allows for full text indexing with different priority levels configured for body, title, keywords, description of a document. Several databases are supported that include MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle etc. The software can index both HTML and plain text files and with external parsers other file types can also be searched. Supports Boolean queries and Fuzzy search and the results page can be configured with HTML templates.

Search Maker Pro

Search Maker Pro allows you to create a single HTML file that is a fully functional search engine for your website or CD/DVD. You then need to place this file on your site to provide full search facilities for your visitors. You don’t need prior programming knowledge because the wizard will guide you through the process of setting up the search engine for your website.

The search results page can be customize to match the look and feel of your website and Boolean and wildcard search methods are supported. Search Maker Pro indexes any file types including HTML, text, PDF, .doc, RTF, Excel and PPT. The search engine generated by the software will work on any website, web server or platform
Search Maker Pro

siteLevel’s Internal Site Search

The internet website search from siteLevel comes in two versions, the Basic and Pro. There is a 1000 web page limit for the Basic version while with the Pro version can be used on unlimited web pages. In addition to indexing various types of files such as HTML, PDF, RTF and .doc files, the site search engine can be customized to match the layout of your website.

siteLevel also mentions unlimited technical support via email for both versions. No advertisements are displayed on the Pro version, which also lets you control and schedule re-indexing and create jumps words lists which let the user jump directly to the webpage based on their search query.
Internal Site Search engine from siteLevel


MondoSearch is an advanced, multi-lingual enterprise search engine built with .NET. It helps users quickly find relevant data across the enterprise. The results can be fully categorized and the query can be highlighted in the results page. The search engine indexes, PDFs, MS Office and Flash files with support for several languages. Searches can be performed with phrases, wildcards and use of Boolean logic. The results can be configured to similar sounding words. The service offers complete customization of design and functionality.
MondoSearch search engine for your website

SiteMiner – Add Search Capability to your WebSite

Setting up the website search engine from SiteMiner is a simple affair. You simply need to register at the site, configure your custom search box (to match the look and feel of your website), cut and paste the HTML code provided. The service comes with unlimited re-indexing and complete customization options. Detailed search reports let you know what your visitors are searching for.

The Webinator – Thunderstone

The Webinator site search engine from Thunderstone is available in different versions to suit individual website requirements. The features of the free version are decent with a page limit of 10,000 (per index) and a hit limit of 10,000 (per day). However, Thunderstone logo is displayed on the free version. The paid version indexes PDF and Flash files and highlights PDF hits within AcrobatReader. So if your site consists of mainly PDF files, this search engine would be a good bet. A 100+ word processor and support for various file formats is available for paid versions.

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