How do I save messages sent out from Hotmail?

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Hotmail, or Windows Live Hotmail, gives you the option of saving or ditching copies of emails you send from your online account. By default, a copy of the outgoing email message is placed in the Sent folder for your future reference.

If this doesn’t happen for your account, someone (most like you) has modified the Hotmail settings. You can change the settings once again and in this tip I’m going to show you how to do just that.

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Though you can opt not to save outgoing messages from Hotmail in the sent folder, I don’t think this is a good idea as you will have no reference of previous conversations. Anyway, to each his own – you have your reasons for doing this – maybe you are running short of space or you use the account for a completely different purpose… whatever!

Change the option to save emails under Hotmail settings

First log in to your Hotmail account and then click on the “Options” link or the small arrow beside it. Choose “More Options” from the drop down menu – refer the image below.

Opening the Hotmail settings section from the Options link in the main account

This will open Hotmail Settings. Scroll down to the Customize your mail section and click on the “Save sent messages” link.

Click on the Save sent messages under the Customize your mail section of Hotmail settings

Now select one of the two options – of saving or discarding a copy of outgoing messages in the “Sent” folder – and then hit the “Save” button to confirm the changes.

Select the option to save or not a copy of the sent email in your Hotmail account

Save a copy of outgoing emails – a personal suggestion

Yes you have the “power” to choose otherwise… however, I suggest you keep the Hotmail default settings of saving a copy of outgoing email messages in the “Sent” folder. Why? Many reasons:

The 5GB storage that’s available currently on all Hotmail accounts is more than sufficient to hold thousands of email messages. Unless you are a prolific Hotmail user, you might not run out of space and even if you cross the threshold ever, you can upgrade your account to Hotmail Plus and get double the storage instead of choosing not to save Hotmail emails.

Download Hotmail email sand save them on your computer

Finally, you can also download the emails from your Hotmail account and save them on your computer. This, as the more conscientious of you would understand, is an almost fool-proof method of keeping your email messages safe and sound. Saving Hotmail emails on your computer would:

So if your Hotmail email messages are very important for your work and business, I suggest you download and save them on your computer through Windows Live Mail email client.

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