How do I save Comcast email?

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An email account ‘resides’ on the servers of the provider. A server is simply a high-end computer that’s connected to the Internet 24/7.

Thus, to save Comcast email, the messages need to be first transferred from the remote server to your local computer. This can easily be done using email programs, also known as email clients. Based on how you would like to access the account, you can set up Comcast using either POP or IMAP – the former will simply download messages to your computer while the latter will keep the account synchronised across various devices.

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Which email program to save Comcast email?

Which email program should you use? This generally depends on the platform (operating system) of your computer. Most, if not all, computers come with a default email program: Outlook Express on XP, Windows Mail on Vista, Windows Live Mail on Windows 7, Apple Mail on Macs etc.

Download, save and backup Comcast messages using email programs

By the way, if your new Windows 7 computer doesn’t have such a program, download Windows Live Mail for free. It’s a new email client from Microsoft and replaces Outlook Express and Windows Mail.

Thunderbird from Mozilla is another popular email program that can be installed on various platforms including Linux and Unix. And if you are interested in a more robust solution, get Microsoft Outlook which costs $109.99.

Set up email program to download Comcast email

The first step in saving Comcast email is to set up the account in your chosen email program. The exact steps will vary depending on the program and, generally, there is a ‘wizard’ that will walk you through the process. To set up the email account, all you require are the login details and the Comcast incoming and outgoing mail servers.

All Comcast email accounts are POP enabled. For the technically challenged, POP is an email protocol that helps email programs connect to the remote server and download messages to the local computer. POP works with SMTP that ‘sends out’ messages.

Below are the links to articles that have detailed instructions with screenshots on how to set up Comcast email on your computer.

Backup Comcast email

Remember, email once downloaded from the remote server will remain on your computer and will be available even without an Internet connection. This is just one of the advantages of using an email program.

Another important benefit is the ability to take backups of the email program. Thus, you can backup all Comcast email messages once they are downloaded and stored on your computer. Refer the following links for step by step instructions:

Note: Once messages are downloaded by the email client, they will be removed from the server. However, you can change this default action by modifying the settings in the program; learn how you can leave a copy of the message on the server.

Finally, you may also be interested in knowing how to get Comcast using IMAP or set up Comcast email on the iPhone.

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