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Ronald Wayne sells his 10% Apple stock for $800

Ronald Wayne, the third founder of Apple, sells his 10% Apple stock for $800 - 12 April, 1976

12 April, 1976

On 12th April 1976, Ronald Wayne, founder of Apple Computers along with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, sold his 10% stock in the company for a mere $800. The stock would now have been worth billions.

Years later, when asked about this, Wayne commented that at that time it was the correct choice and that he has no regrets. it was difficult for him to cope up with the two ‘whirlwinds’ (Jobs and Wozniak) and it was like ‘having a tiger by the tail’. A slot machine company that he had started five years back and failed and it may have contributed to Wayne’s decision of selling the stock.

Wayne is known for having designed the first logo of Apple with Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree, writing the original partnership of the three founders and the manual of Apple I.

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