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Robert Cailliau Birthday

Robert Cailliau Birthday - 26 January 1947

Robert Cailliau was born on 26 January, 1947

One of the original developers of WWW along with Tim Berners-Lee. The two were colleagues at CERN where the WWW was born. Cailliau, along with Nicola Pellow, also created the first web browser for the Macintosh system called MacWWW (also known as Samba). The program was sold for 50 European Currency Units making it the first commercial web software.

Robert Cailliau has also designed the logo of the World Wide Web. At the first international WWW Conference in 1994, all six inductees were presented a Chromachron watch with the logo.

WWW logo designed by Robert Cailliau

Image Source: By Hell Pé (PNG version); Bibi Saint-Pol (SVG version) – Vectorization of Image:WWWlogo.png, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7031458

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The World Wide Web Hall of Fame has only 6 inductees: Tim Berners-Lee: Inventor of the World Wide Web. Marc Andreessen: Co-creator of Mosaic, the browser that popularised the web. Eric Bina: Co-creator of Mosaic browser and founder of Netscape. Kevin Hughes: A pioneer of the WWW in the US. Rob Hartill: Known for his contributions to the Apache web server and the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Lou Montulli: Co-creator of Lynx text web browser who innovated several browser technologies like cookies, HTTP proxying etc. [more...]

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